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    For the benefit of new members and as a historical log of what the club has done in the past, a brief "official" synopsis will be kept here. Eventually, links to a few photos from meetings will also be added to this thread and archived on the RASOC server. This thread does not replace the usual pre and post meeting threads, but just serves as a reference summary of past meetings.

    • May 19, 2007 - RASOC member Apologeticus gave a presentation on Seahorses.
    • April 21, 2007 - RASOC member Ox gave a presentation on Plumbing.
    • March 17, 2007 - RASOC member Patti gave a presentation on Clams.
    • February 17, 2007 - The club hosted Steven Pro at the CPCC Harris campus. He gave a presentation on Practical Advice on Marine Fish Ailments.
    • January 20, 2007 - The club hosted Chris Jury at the CPCC Levine campus. He spoke on Growing Corals Faster.
    • December 9, 2006 - A social gathering held at Five Steps II.
    • November 11, 2006 - A meeting dedicated to club business and 2007 officer nominations was held at CPCC Levine.
    • October 14, 2006 - RASOC was pleased to host Michael Paletta, a well-published author and marine biotech consultant. Mike presented on SPS coloration and propagation and autographed books afterwards. The meeting was held at CPCC Levine in an auditorium.
    • September 16, 2006 - RASOC member Nathan (Typhon) gave a presentation on The Science of Ca and Kalk Reactors. He discussed the purpose of them in reef keeping, the Pros and Cons of having one, different designs of Ca and Kalk Reactors and the different types of media on the market. The meeting was held at CPCC Levine.
    • August 19, 2006 - Rebecca Smith, MD, Charlotte area dermatologist and national lecturer, gave a presentation on the Medical Manifestations of Marine Hobby Mishaps - The good, the bad and ugly. Dermatologic questions were answered. The meeting was held at CPCC Levine.
    • July 15, 2006 - Annual member tank tour. Members carpooled to see other member's tanks.
    • June 17, 2006 - RASOC/CMAC Members-Only Annual Family BBQ. A great time was had at this annual tradition. Members from our sister reef club in Columbia, SC joined us for burgers, dogs, awesome side dishes and desserts. Kids had a blast too. Both clubs had fund raising raffles.
    • May 20, 2006 - RASOC member Will (OxInYourBox) gave a presentation on reef pests. This was an expanded version of his excellent presentation that was given in 2005. The meeting was held at Howard's Creek (an old school) in Lincolnton.
    • April 22, 2006 - A meeting dedicated to club business (primarily vendor and website issues) was held at Five Steps II, a restaurant bar owned by RASOC member Jeff.
    • March 18, 2006 - A presentation on "Anenomes" was given by RASOC member Ed (chineseknife). The meeting was in a large room at Fat Boys Restaurant in Mooresville.
    • February 18, 2006 - How to frag demonstration by Steve (owner of Coral Dynamics and Shaun (RASOC VP) Capnella and Pocillopora were fragged.
    • January 14, 2006 - "pH, Ca, dkh, Mag Chemistry" by RASOC Member Kip! Club Business: Announcement of 2006 Club Officers, Financial Statement, Discuss permenant meeting place for 2006
    • December 10, 2005 – Meeting focused on what was done in 2005 as well as what members would like to do in 2006. Officer elections and permanent meeting places were also discussed. Frag swap.
    • November 2005– N/A – Combined with Dec. meeting
    • October 15, 2005 – Informal lecture by industry expert Sanjay Joshi in Charlotte followed by Sanjay’s formal lighting lecture and joint meeting with CMAC in Columbia that evening.
    • September 24, 2005 – Refractometer/hydrometer testing and comparing, frag swap, club auction.
    • August 2005 – N/A – RASOC members were invited to CMAC BBQ and rock making session in Columbia
    • July 16, 2005 – RASOC member and LFS tank tours – Coral Dynamics, Salty’s, Hassan (hmoore), Underwater World, Dave (Dav)
    • June 18, 2005 – RASOC Family BBQ and club raffle at the park. CMAC club members (Columbia, SC) were invited and many attended. All food and soft drinks paid for by RASOC club dues. Substantial discounts on food was provided by Food Lion thanks to Dave (Dav).
    • May 21, 2005 – Aquascaping hands-on demonstration – tips and techniques and Powerpoint presentation by RASOC member Phil Edwards. Frag swap.
    • April 16, 2005 - "Basic acrylic work tips and hands on practice" presentation by Will (OxInYourBox). Tunze, Seio, MJ1200 flow characteristics demonstration by Steve (Vert20). Club raffle and frag swap.
    • March 19, 2005 – “Identifying and eradicating tank pests” Powerpoint presentation by Will (OxInYourBox). Discussed frag swapping and how to avoid getting and spreading pests.
    • February 19, 2005 – Meeting about club direction, logos, advertising, moving website to new server, etc. Club raffle and tank talk by Dave (Dav).
    • January 22, 2005 – First official RASOC meeting after the 2004 gathering to discuss forming a club. Officer nominations and elections were held at the meeting.
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