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Great Marine Aquarium Resources!

If you have a suggestion for a marine aquarium hobby or supply website that you would like to see listed here, please email the request to All decisions to post sites are at the sole discretion of the club officers and listed websites are subject to removal at any time. Most are non-commercial oriented sites, with a few specific exceptions granted on a case by case basis.


Coral and Fish Identification



Industry Experts

Public Aquariums




Reef acronym Finder
– Help with hobby related acronyms like GAC and WQ.

General acronym Finder
– FWIW, if you are new to forums and don’t get the “lingo”…

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Coral and Fish ID:

Coral ID Comprehensive – AIMS
– Photos, origin, scientific names

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Reef Chemistry Calculator
– Ca, Alk, Mg, affects of additive brands etc.

System Volume Calculator
– not just rectangles! odd shapes and other goodies

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DIY Info and Supply Sites:

Marc Levinson “melev”
– lots of sump info as well as other topics

Aquatic Eco-Systems
– supplier of many hard to find plumbing parts-will often match prices

– supplier of many hard to find plumbing parts

Ocean Motions
– manufacturer of small to large wave making devices

– supplier of many hard to find plumbing parts

Scientific Instrument Services, Inc.
– polishing micro-mesh for acrylic tanks

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Industry “Experts”

MH bulb and ballast tests by Sanjay Joshi
– our Oct. 2005 key speaker!

Bob Fenner
– wetwebmedia – common sense advice

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Public Aquariums:

NC Aquariums
– Roanoke Island, Pine Knoll Shores, Fort Fisher

Georgia Aquarium
– Located in Atlanta

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Miscellaneous Resources:

Our Club Library!
– benefit for paid club members

Charlotte/Mecklenburg Public Water Quality Reports

– Charlotte Fresh Water Aquarium Hobby Club