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Thread: Something new coming this fall.....

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    Default Something new coming this fall.....

    There has been many months of research and development going on at LRS to get this new formula "just right." With the help of aquaculture facilities, marine biologists as well as university laboratories we believe we have created a blend unlike anything on the market. Our website testimonial page at ReefFrenzy.com has been updated to reflect some of the most recent projects we are involved in. As was announced at the Marine Breeding Workshop in Michigan several weeks ago LRS is being used by the Tropical Aqua Lab to try and get blue hippo tangs successfully bred in captivity.

    In addition we have our friends at the Oceanic Institute in Hawaii attempting the same feat with Yellow tangs.

    This food isn't shipping yet in retail form, but the unlabeled packs we have been distributing to the breeding community have been met with very positive feedback. The clownfish breeding community is gobbling it up as quick as we can produce it....

    "Producer of premium aquarium foods, made right here in NC from the freshest ingredients."

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    Larry, Is this new product going to be Rated 'R'? lol
    Fish are friends.... and food....

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