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Thread: Red Carpet Anemone

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    Default Red Carpet Anemone

    Here is a little information on the Red Carpet Anemone that I have in-stock:

    The pedal disc is 6" in diameter and attaches quickly. The oral disc is 12" in diameter when folded, 16" in diameter when relaxed flat. The tentacles on this anemone are quite sticky and have typical haddoni movement (shorter and less wavy than giganteas). The base color of the oral disc is lavender. Tentacles surrounding the rim of the oral disc are bright pink with tentacles closer to the center becoming a more orange/red coloration. The mouth of this anemone is very tight.

    I have kept several red carpets over the years, and typically the smaller they are the more vibrantly colored they will be. This is not the case with this anemone. Very nicely colored, and super healthy.
    It has a severe sting, I found this out during acclimation...

    Jump quickly on this one, as anemones such as this are extremely hard to find!!

    Call 704-726-0826 with any questions


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    Gorgeous looking....
    Fish are friends.... and food....

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    Are you still in business? No posts since September. If so where are you?

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    He moved to Midland.
    He post on Facebook.
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